Clifton Heights evolved on three distinct hills just outside of downtown Louisville. These are only connected by walking paths which offer a visual delight of many well-tended landscaped gardens; no roadway crosses from one hill to another.  

Over time, several  distinct and unique neighborhoods evolved. Each of these areas whose sign is evident above has strengths and challenges. 

Among the distinct neighborhoods in this area are the Delmont/Drescher Bridge homes, Heather Hills Subdivision (townhouse), historic homes in Indianola, and Riedlonn subdivision, which has beautiful stone and brick homes on larger lots and many single family homes along Cleveland Blvd.
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Clifton Heights Neighborhood
       Clifton Heights Community Council
Unique Neighborhoods
Country Club, Drescher Bridge, Heather Hills, Indianola,,, and Riedlonn.
 Clifton Heights also is home to several condo neighborhoods such as:  Hite Avenue Gardens, Coppershire, StoneCrest, River Hill, and Casa Grande.

Our main entrances on the easternmost hill are: Cleveland Boulevard from Zorn Ave. to Mt. Holly Road. as well as Birchwood Avenue and Hite Avenue from Brownboro Road to other areas deep within CH areas.. Mt. Holly Road and Lindsay Avenue from Brownsboro also climb the first hill and run past many condominium and apartment complexes before connecting with Cleveland. Idlewylde Avenue and Ridgedale Road lead to larger condo and apartment buildings. 

Further west on Brownsboro, Kenilworth Avenue winds it way to the top of the middle hill past many single family homes through the Indianola neighborhood before emerging at Mellwood Avenue. Along the way it connects with Edith Road which also leads to Mellwood. There are many unique homes here and two or three historic homes.

Closest to downtown, Drescher Bridge Road climbs uphill from Brownsboro connecting with two major roads from Mellwood Avenue, Delmont Avenue and Thompson Avenue, which surround the Mellwood Arts Center.