The Clifton Heights-Bradley Greenway was one of the earliest successful activities of the Green Triangle initiative in Louisville Metro Council District  9. If you click on this link,   you can view the video captured  by Small Batch Productions that helped this neighborhood acquire the land for this greenway. 

Thanks to donations from Dan Jones and 9th District, the land is now owned by Metro Parks Department. It is maintained by a crew of specially trained volunteers and Metro Parks.  Clifton Heights Greenway chair is Kevin Downs who received special training, along with David Vislisel.  

In the summer of 2011, through a $5,000 grant from 9th District, Kristi Meier and Wesley Staats, have worked as seasonal land management staff on the Greenway. 

Click here to read the full Clifton Heights Greenway  Work , as first reported in the District 9 Newletter.  
Volunteers are now building a rain garden demonstration project (see left).
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Green Triangle
The 9th District Green Triangle Vision statement was created by your opinions. It offers opportunities for everyone to be a part of making our neighborhood increasingly more green and clean:
Imagine Individuals, Businesses, and Government working together to create a 9th   District of:
*   Green spaces for people to connect with nature and each other;
*   Green options for transportation; and
*   Green thinking that promotes the conservation of resources and our small 
     neighborhood’s feel.  
Click on The Green Triangle (and You) to read the full story and link to its website:

Building the rain garden.