April 14, 2012 marked the festive dedication ceremonies of the first-ever worship center of the Sikh Society of Kentucky. Located in the former Van Buren Baptist Church in Clifton Heights neighborhood, this renovated church and extensive grounds will now serve the over-100-member Sikh congregation living in the Louisville community. 

The Sikh Society is clearly delighted to find a home in this peaceful and lovely property.  Their Clifton Heights neighbors seem equally happy to have wonderful new neighbors in their midst. 

So, just what is Sikhism? Founded in India in the 15th century by Guru Nanek Dev, the faith was developed and expanded over the next 250 years, becoming the fifth largest religion in the world. The vast majority of Sikhs live in the Indian state of Punjab, but almost a half-million live in the United States. 

The religion is strictly monotheistic, with one supreme God"...both imminent in his creation, and beyond it." Its three central beliefs are: the worship of God, earning an honest livelihood, and sharing with others in need. There is no caste system in this peace-loving faith.

Several Clifton Heights neighbors came to the dedication, including this writer.  We were so impressed with the welcoming kindness of the congregants, who sincerely want to help neighbors understand who they are and to be great neighbors. 

The entire community warmly welcomes our Sikh Society of Kentucky newest neighbors, led by Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association, United Crescent Hill Ministries, and our 9th District Metro Council office. 

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Sikh Society 
of Kentucky
Clifton Heights Community Council President Dolores Collins (center) and Karen DeVoto greet a member at the door of the Sikh Society's worship center.
Clifton Heights Neighborhood
   Clifton Heights Community Council