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Clifton Heights is a predominantly residential area.  The ample amount of trees, narrow streets and variety of housing styles in the area give the neighborhood a small town feeling, despite being located only minutes from downtown Louisville. Some of the open spaces and older residences on large lots have been developed into apartment complexes and condominiums. 
Our Goals 
  • Preservation of the “small town character” and diversity of the neighborhood.
  • Opportunities for new development compatible with existing homes.
  • Tree lined streets and landscaping at key locations.
  • Improved accessibility for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Linkage of the disconnected sections of Clifton Heights.
  • Better transit service.
  • A vibrant neighborhood association cooperating with adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Enhanced visual quality of the Brownsboro corridor.

This raised vegetable and flower garden belongs to Cindy and Chris Brian on Warren Ave. in the Indianola area of Clifton Heights. Indianola can be reached from Kenilworth Ave. from Brownsboro Road.
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